One last night on the GR20 trail, at I Paliri refuge

Photo of sunbeams on the mountain, with a tent in the foreground

The I Paliri refuge is located in the Monte Incudine massif in Corsica, France, which includes the famous Needles of Bavella.

The refuge marks the last night for many hikers on the GR20 trail.

The site is characterized by jagged peaks, large rock walls and pine trees twisted by the wind.

Visible peaks, from left to right: Punta Bunifazinca, Punta Buvona, Punta di Ferru, Bocca di Fumicosa, the Manzaghja ridge and the Punta Velacu complex, Promontoire, Campanile de Sainte-Lucie and Puta Cumpuleddu.

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Map showing location of “One last night on the GR20 trail, at I Paliri refuge” in Bavella, France

Bavella, France

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