Would you like some bedouin tea?

Would you like some bedouin tea?

The Bedouin, Beduin or Bedu (Arabic: بَدْو‎) are nomadic Arab tribes who have historically inhabited the desert regions in the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and North Africa. The English word bedouin comes from the Arabic badawī, which means "desert dweller", and is traditionally contrasted with ḥāḍir, the term for sedentary people.

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  • Konica KD-400Z
  • 24 mm (eq 116 mm)
  • ISO 100
  • ƒ/4.9
  • 1/220 s
Map showing location of “Would you like some bedouin tea?” in Al Qusir, Egypt

Al Qusir, Egypt

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