CDs are cool again!

Miniature figurines of a band, including a guitarist, drummer, singer, and bassist, positioned on a CD with a reflective rainbow pattern on a blue background.

The compact disc was introduced in 1982 and became in 1988 the most popular audio format. CD sales continued to grow until they peaked in 2002.

In 2003 CD sales began to decline and have been rapidly falling ever since. By 2017, CD sales had reached the same level as 1985!

Digital streaming has made it easy to instantly enjoy new music from around the world. It’s fast. It’s convenient. It’s one of the best ways for artists to get their music discovered.

But it’s unfortunately not really profitable.

2021 marked the first increase in new CD sales in 17 years! Artists have embraced CDs as a physical representation of their music, drawing in new collectors and fans. CDs have experienced a remarkable comeback, reaffirming their position as a timeless and treasured format in the music industry.

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Fujifilm X-H2s
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120 mm (80 mm with crop factor)
ISO 160
1/13 s
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