Here are the latest posts:
  1. January 2023 monthly photo challenge

    French photographer Yann Chemineau organized a monthly photo challenge on Mastodon. With 2 themes every day, you had to post one photo for each theme, or one single photo for both themes, with hashtag #PhotoJanuary2023.

  2. Cutting back on Instacrap

    I've been disliking for a long time that Instagram is a closed platform, more so in the hands of Facebook.

  3. Exhibition in Draveil: Regards multiples

    From February 5th to 13th, a dozen fellow photographers from the Photo Club of Draveil and myself had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition. The title was "Regards multiples" ("Multiple perspectives" in English), as each photographer could chose its own preferred theme. The only requirement was that each of us had to exhibit a coherent photographic series, rather than a batch of independent images.

  4. Subscribe to not miss any new photo

    Starting today, the list of photos in the second part of the homepage are the ones I shared the most recently, instead of the ones I took the most recently.

  5. One of Unsplash's top 500 contributors!

    There are more than 250 000 contributors on Unsplash, the main Web’s source of freely-usable images.

  6. Hello world!

    I've been wanting to build my own photo site for years, in my own image, with a total control of the technical platform and the layout of the pages and photos.